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Blobkin Blaster VR is a quick breed-em and shoot-em up VR Game. You must defend your blue Blobkin villagers from flying monsters that swoop in from space portals. The catch is your gun is powered by your villagers' lifeblood! In order to defend them, you’ll have to sacrifice them!

This is a Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift, Vive) seated experience.

How To Play

Grab your gun with one hand, grab a Blobkin with your other, then stick the Blobkin with your gun’s needle (the bottom of the hilt) to suck up their life as ammo!

Shoot Monsters that portal in to protect your village. The Monsters will drop food when shot. Your villagers can eat that food and multiply, giving you more Blobkin to use as ammo. 

You can also power a Bubble Dome Generator to protect your Villagers, but that too requires Blobkin sacrifices.

The game ends when you lose all your Villagers


Hold down the Grip buttons to pick up Blobkins and use Trigger to shoot using whichever hand is holding the gun

Theory Studios is a small collective of animators and developers working in AR and character animation. We work virtually, so our team is scattered across the world. Folks on the Ludum Dare 43 team were:

  • Andrew DiDomenico - Animator
  • Ben McDougal - Texture Artist
  • Chris Folea - Lead Game Developer & Creative Director <- this man crunched 72 hours :O
  • Costas Frost - Particle Artist
  • Daniel Manoiu - Sound & Music
  • David Andrade - Taskmaster/Producing
  • Iliana Ortiz - Rigging Artist
  • Jill Blue - Voices, Arborist, Backgrounds
  • Kate Sims - Scripts, Backgrounds
  • Katie Patenaude - Social Sharer
  • Marc Gordon - Modeler, Texturer
  • Michael Richardson - Portaller
  • Tatianna Quigley - Character Artist, Graphic Designer


We primarily tested on Oculus Rift, and while it works with Vive, we weren't able to playtest it much on other systems (but we're slowly working to change that!)

There are a few bugs (shooting a Monster while a Villager is in mid-air will leave them stuck, doh!)

Some sound effects are from Digital Juice (splatter), however the music and voices are our own. We also used additional particle effects from RTFX Generator (the poof when the Monsters die).

Release date Dec 05, 2018
TagsDark Humor, Ludum Dare 43, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksHomepage, Patreon, Ludum Dare


BlobkinBlaster.zip 244 MB

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